Eco tourism aims to preserve nature through the active involvement of local communities with tourists. Eco tourism sights are nature-oriented and are away from the urban setting. Some eco tour activities include wild life watch, trekking, cultural exchange and many more. Our efforts aim to minimize negative environmental impact and contribute to the conservation and bio-diversity of Brunei's nature.


Although environmental conservation is the first idea that comes to mind when the word “eco tourism” is heard, there are other key features of an eco tour. A key aspect in eco tourism is a conscious effort to keep local communities at the center of all activities. Locals have control over what transpires in their respective communities. This gives them a sense of ownership, which unites them to be one in pursuing efforts for the further development of eco tourism.


Benefits gained in eco tourism include strength and livelihood and the opportunity to share the locals' knowledge with the tourists. Eco Tourism gives great importance to the lessons tourists take back home. This is why our tour operators and guides play a key role in facilitating the learning experience of tourists. They not only impart their knowledge on local culture and history, but also on how the tourists themselves contribute to their sustainability and conservation.


The environment constantly faces threats but we can stop it if we choose to. Eco tourism allows us to enjoy all these benefits while remaining sensitive to generations ahead of us. Be a responsible tourist, tour guide and advocate of eco tourism!


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