Lamin Warisan - Heritage House was built in 1956 and it was home of the previous community leader - Bendahari Haji Ghafar Bin Haji Sidi Penghulu Keempat, before he passed away.

The family then decided to open the house as a gallery in 2012 to show to the public a traditional village house and the traditional artifacts and documents belonging to the different ethnic communities in Tutong.

When visiting Lamin Warisan expect to be greeted by a big smile and be prepared to learn about fun traditional games and the history of the house, you can also try our traditional outfits and have a DIY photo-shoot in the house and in the beautiful area surrounding it overlooking the river, a fun activity that also gives you some insights of the local culture.

Staying overnight in the house is possible and you can also put to test your abilities to fish in the river right outside the house. Traditional lunches can be arranged by contacting us via our IG.


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